Endeavour Energy v Precision Helicopters Pty Ltd [2015] NSWCA 169

In April 2006 two Endeavour Energy employees were conducting an aerial inspection of power lines and poles near Wiseman’s Ferry north of Sydney in an helicopter supplied – with  crew – by Coff’s Harbour based Precision Helicopters. The Bell Jet Ranger was flying south down the McDonald River before pilot David Carter swung to the east to follow a high voltage branch line towards a transformer pole at a height of about 40 ft above ground level.

That manoeuvre put the aircraft on a course to converge with a Telstra cable swung across a valley to the north of a residence on Settler’s Road owned by Paul Inman. The chopper’s tail rotor struck the cable. Pilot carter managed to land it in a nearby paddock but it rolled onto its side with the main rotor slicing into the cabin and striking Endeavour employee Simeon Edwards.

Edwards – who was not wearing a safety helmet – suffered catastrophic injuries, but survived.

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Reproduced with the permission of Carter Capner Law

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