Some topics of interest from the QLS Criminal Law Conference 2009


The Fitzgerald Report – Past Present and Future by The Honourable John Jerrard QC, Ian Berry, Ralph Devlin SC, David Fagan (Courier Mail), Terry O’Gorman and Nigel Powell.

Closing plenary on sentencing

Her Honour Justice Holmes, David Adssett, Paula Morreau, Elizabeth Wilson and Andrew Boe discussing:

R v Riseley; ex parte A-G (Qld) [2009] QCA 285 McMurdo P Keane JA Holmes JA 22/09/2009

R v Watson; ex parte A-G (Qld) [2009] QCA 279 Chief Justice Muir JA Chesterman JA 18/09/2009
R v Lacey [2009] QCA 275 Chief Justice McMurdo P Keane JA Muir JA Chesterman JA 11/09/2009
R v Lacey; ex parte A-G (Qld) [2009] QCA 274 Chief Justice McMurdo P Keane JA Muir JA Chesterman JA 11/09/2009

Section 590AA hearings presented by His Honour Judge Martin SC, Peter Shields, Soraya Ryan and Terry O’Gorman.

Proposed legislation

Integrity and accoutability review

The Moynihan Report

The review of civil and criminal justice system in Queensland

Commonwealth sentences – pre and post Tran’s decision

R v Mokoena [2009] QCA 036 Holmes JA Fraser JA  and McMurdo J 27/02/2009

R v CAK & CAL; ex parte Cth DPP [2009] QCA 023 Muir JA Atkinson J P Lyons JJ 20/02/2009

R v Tran [2007] QCA 221 Keane JA White J Atkinson J 13/07/2007

Key considerations – review of the rights of clients on arrest and police interviews by Andrew McGinness.

Brisbane Barrister David Cormack

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