Testamentary will for a child

Re K [2014] QSC 94


JUDGE:                     Atkinson J

ORDERS:                  1. The applicant is authorised to make the proposed will.


SUCCESSION – MAKING OF A WILL – TESTAMENTARY CAPACITY – MINORS – where the applicant is a minor – where the applicant’s personal injury claim is expected to settle for a significant award of damages – where the applicant’s mother has been his sole carer–where the disposition of the applicant’s estate would not match his testamentary wishes were he to die intestate–where the applicant understands the nature and effect of the proposed will– where the applicant the extent of any property disposed of under the proposed will– where the proposed will reflects the applicant’s intentions – whether it is it is reasonable in all the circumstances that the proposed will be made – whether the court approves the proposed will- whether the court should authorise the applicant to make the proposed will.


David Cormack – Brisbane Barrister.


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