Palm Island pair win violent arrest damages, police “shock & awe” raid unlawful

Bulsey & Anor v State of Queensland [2015] QCA 187 

A further chapter in the extraordinary consequences flowing from the violent death of Cameron Doomadgee at the Palm Island police compound  in November 2004 has closed after the state’s highest court awarded substantial compensation to two residents caught up in recriminatory police raids that followed community protests.

David Bulsey was dragged from his bed shortly before 6 am on 27 November, handcuffed and then dragged partly-clothed out onto the street and bundled into the back of police van and thence an aircraft to the Townsville lock up. He was remanded in custody until the charges of “unlawful assembly” against him were dropped two days later.

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Reproduced with the permission of Carter Capner Law

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