September 2022
I refer to my earlier post, and by way of an update note, the High Court granted special leave for the employer to appeal on 16 September 2022. Extract from the application for special leave to appeal: EDELMAN J:   So, there had to be a tort that was found by the employee and it was...
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Mulivai v Utaileio & Anor [2022] QCA 173 Bond JA delivered the judgment of the Court of Appeal (Dalton and Flanagan JJA agreed). The issue involved mutually exclusive factual alternatives pleaded in an amended joint defence by the insurer, the second defendant on behalf of the driver (the first defendant), under the Motor Accident Insurance...
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Willmot v State of Queensland [2022] QSC 167 The plaintiff was born in 1954 and alleged between 1957 – 1967, when she was a “State child” under the State Children Act 1911, she was abused. The plaintiff is an Aboriginal person, and whilst a State child was under the ‘care and protection’ of the Aboriginal...
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