March 16, 2010
Further to my earlier posting the Personal Property Securities (Corporations and Other Amendments) Bill 2010 has been introduced to the Commonwealth parliament.  The Bill amends the Corporations Act and the PPS Act, together with a number of consequential amendments to other legislation. Brisbane Barrister – David Cormack
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16 March 2010 | by The New Lawyer  Middletons’ workplace relations and safety partner, Kathy Dalton, wipes away all misconceptions and shows what in-house counsel really do need to be aware of under the new rules  “A breach of award conditions can attract civil penalties of up to $33,000 for a corporate employer and individuals...
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Attached: KEANE J (valedictory speech) 16 03 10 The Swearing-in Ceremony for The Honourable Patrick Keane as Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia will be held in Brisbane on Monday, 22 March 2010.   The sitting will be held at 9.30am in Court 1, Level 7, Federal Court of Australia.
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