February 23, 2010
McAlister v Nominal Defendant [2010] QDC 36 Pursuant to section 57(2)(b) of the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 (“the Act”) the applicant sought to commence proceedings within 60 days of one of three nominated events occurring, one of which being the holding of a conference pursuant to ss 51A and 51B of the Act and...
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Nichols v Curtis and QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited [2010] QDC 34 Liability was agreed to be reduced by 40% because of intoxication. The plaintiff was a backseat passenger when the vehicle collided with fencing and a shed. She sustained a laceration to the left side of her face. The additional neck injury claimed was disputed...
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Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Lindberg (No 2) THE corporate regulator has been handed the opportunity to continue its fight against former Australian Wheat Board director Andrew Lindberg. Read more in theNewLawyer and reproduced with permission. Note discussion on the inherent power in respect of abuse of process and considerations of prejudice in concurrent...
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